I’ve reached the point of no return- it’s fix it, or we’re done.
I love you, so much.
But I have changed my backgrounds because it’s too painful to see your face, knowing that you don’t care if we talk. Knowing that I’m not important to you. Knowing that you haven’t called since you left for vacation except the very first day, and you’ve had time. Knowing that you use every possible excuse you can think of to not be in the wrong.
I mean, come on. I asked you to call me cute nicknames again. But you’re too busy? How does that even make a lick of sense? It doesn’t. You’re not in the mood? What, you’re having such a great time there that you don’t feel the desire to let your girlfriend know that you love and care about her?
Because honestly, honey, it feels like you don’t. You don’t talk to me. You went to sleep in the  middle of an important discussion, where you had made me ball my eyes out after a perfectly good day.
You don’t put in any effort into our relationship anymore. I’m not even sure you want this anymore; I’m not even sure you want ME anymore.
Even my own mother feels this way, it’s not just me. She called you a douche and said that I deserve better- and that means something, because my mom really likes you. She thinks you need to grow up, but she likes you as a person.
I need you to be the boy that my mom loves again. I need you to be the boy that loves ME again. I need you to be the boy who cares about me, and wants to talk to me.
Because this is really the last straw. I need it to change. I love you, but you make my heart ache, and not in the good way. You used to make my heart ache in the good way, and if you would just show some effort, you could again.
I need you. Please, fix it. Fix it, or I have to leave. I can’t be sad all the time (well, I can’t be sad because of you on top of everything else.)

Okay guys, this is probably going to be my last relationship post for a while. I’m sorry the last few have been all about my relationship issues, but this blog IS for me to talk about my current issues, and right now, this has taken forefront in my brain.

Thank you for reading.



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